Cerro del caballo

Cerro del caballo

The hill shows a gentle slope when seen from the Westside, but that appears steeper from the North, South and East slopes. It forms a predominantly ridged topography with a large accumulation of shrubs on the West Face, while it falls sharply toward the Lanjarón River Valley and the South. A steep slope on siliceous materials.


To the northwest of the municipality and at the top of the right bank of the river. With its 3.009 meters, it assumes the highest height of the same, crowning the ridge that begins on the Morrón and that passes along the loma del Caballo then extending further north toward the “cerradura del río”

Practicable season

Preferably the summer season, although depending on the activity you want to perform.

Outstanding values

Especially its impressive visual basin and the fact that it is the first of the western “threemiles” of the Sierra Nevada.