Charming squares and corners

Charming squares and corners

The Constitution Square

Constitution Square is the main square of the municipality. It began as a local market, while the fountain in the square supplied the village with water for domestic use.

The square that we know today as The Constitution Square was first named the square of the republic, and in later years was renamed “of Jose Antonio” in honour of General Primo de Rivera.

In addition to being the centre of greater social activity of the town, if we talk about the multiple uses the square has had over the years we would highlight its role as a meeting point for neighbours, for rallies, demonstrations, political events, and of course, for celebrations such as Carnival and our beloved and increasingly popular “Fiestas de San Juan”.

When we talk about the origin of the fountain we cannot forget that it was built for ornamental purposes after the expansion of the village at the beginning of the last century.

Another relatively recent element is the cannon ceded by Admiral Alfonso Mosquera in 2000.

Today, the “Fuente Viva” and the square are one of the most representative symbols of the municipality, especially after its remodelling in 2013.


Santa Ana’s Square is one of the most charming and traditional places in Lanjarón in Virgendel Carmen street.

The beauty of this place is due to its neighbours, who care for their flowers all year round.

Accompanied by the image of Santa Ana displayed in the niche.

You can also find the remains of an old public laundry spot from the 17th century, where once the clothes were washed, next to a fountain that shows a poem by Federico García Lorca.

Chato Square

It is one of the most beautiful squares in the municipality. It is located in the old town or Barrio Hondillo and owes its name to the fountain located there the “PilarillodelChato”.

In this square, we can find a lot of flowers and a niche, dating back to the times of the reconquestby the Christians.

JuanitoValderrama´s Square

JuanitoValderrama´s Square and Dolores Abril is another of the most charming spots of Lanjarón.

Recently renovated, it presents again the typical elements of Lanjarón: Flowers, typical Alpujarreña architecture and fountains.

This square is often home to many popular events that take place during the summer season in the municipality.

Placeta Colorá

It is one of the most beautiful squares in the municipality. It is located in the old town or Barrio Hondillo.

In this square we can find, several elements that characterize Lanjarón: A great quantity of flowers, a fountain and a niche, dating from the time of the reconquest of Christians.

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