Ermita de la virgen del Pilar

Ermita de la virgen del Pilar

It is a small rectangular chapel that is topped with gabled roof cover. It has a half-point arch-shaped cover and sheet metal door, in front of which extends a succinct porch with terrazzo and pergola plinth made of iron pipes.

Historical Aspects

Not dated. Its existence has been known at least since the beginning of the century. Placed at the entrance of the village perhaps as a protective sign, just as it happens to be by the passage of the ravine of Tablate, (outside the term of Lanjarón), considered as natural access of the Alpujarra and where we also find another small hermitage, In his case under the avocation of the Virgin of the Angustias.


It is next to the road, in the direction of Orgiva, just before leaving the municipal district of Lanjarón.

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