Ermita de San Roque

Ermita de San Roque

It is built sensibly above the level of the street, thus leaving a space like a porch at its entrance, which is used as a small parterre, with a few stone benches decorated with tiles.
It is a rectangular chapel with a gabled roof, although this is not appreciated from the first view. On its facade dominates the cover with the large half-point window. It is also topped with a small bell gable that houses a small bell in its interior. Contrast the whitewashing of the facade with the brick of the bell gable as well as a small forged cross. Inside there is an interesting altarpiece and images are preserved that are then taken out at Easter.

Historical Aspects

It seems that the primitive construction goes back, as does the twin hermitage of San Sebastian at the end of the 16th century, or at the beginning of the 17th century.


It is inserted in the heart of the city, specifically on the main street.