Ermita de San Sebastián

Ermita de San Sebastián

It is a rectangular chapel with a minor dependency attached to its left side. Both are covered with a roof to two slopes and the main structure can be seen thanks to a small central highlight in its facade. It has two wooden doors framed by half-point spans Another tiny open window on the main facade houses a small bell. It is whitewashed in its entirety, except at the bottom where the contrast of a plinth painted in brown can be seen. Inside there are some benches a small altarpiece and Altar Mayor on which the carved figure of San Sebastian is laid.

Historical Aspects

There is certain news about 1669 from both the hermitage and the San Sebastian Brotherhood. It would, therefore, be possible to date the building at the end of the 16th century or the beginning of the 17th century. Under the advocation of San Sebastian, patron saint of the town, as well as many other neighbouring municipalities liberated by the intervention of the Catholic Monarchs, who felt great devotion to the holy warrior. However, in this case, its sponsorship was not recognized until 1804 from the Holy See, a time that was used to build the current chapel, larger than the previous one. Also, its roof was restored back in the 80s.


It is next to the Lanjarón gas station, on the outskirts of the village.