Ermita del Tajo de la Cruz

Ermita del Tajo de la Cruz

It is a whitewashed hermitage with a rectangular floor plan and a gabled roof. The entrance door, in the middle and small square side windows. It has a large cover in front of its facade that is insulated with terrazzo and surrounded by stone benches in one of the corners a wooden cross has been nailed. Another cross also appears in wood, but older attached to the gable of the side facade that faces the village. Inside there is a kind of small altar, where Mass is celebrated on the day of the Cross.

Historical Aspects

The hermitage appears, after the location thereof the exempt primitive cross, which towards the end of the eighteenth century, was placed exempt primitive cross, which toward the end of the eighteenth century, the beginning of the nineteenth was placed as counted, to encourage the presence of supposed witchcraft practices celebrated in the neighbouring “Tajo Colorado”. Later, in 1895 the cross was replaced by a new one, (perhaps that occupies the side facade today, although it is not confirmed), while the hermitage was built by the hand of Don José Lozano Píñar. In his book, Gutiérrez Padial tells a story that this neighbour of the village, hunting through the place, thought he saw the cross bleed after shooting a bird on it. Since then the hermitage has undergone some maintenance tweaks, such as the one from 1921 incorporating the porch and a small sacristy.


It is on the so-called “Tajo de la Cruz”, which rises on the C-333 road, about km or so. In the direction of Orgiva. It is accessed by a paved track that appears on the left shortly after passing the river bridge, then taking a horseshoe road. (Indicators are available).