Laguna de Barro

Laguna de Barro

High mountain valley, where the la Cuerda de la Dehesa is located, with the Tajo de Los Machos. A small landing, an ancient glacier cirque is formed in which this lagoon appears at 2.984 meters above sea level. We have a landscape of glacial morphology and pre glacial, with morrhenic deposits, small cirques, etc. It also highlights the endemic hydrophilic flora in the environment.


It is at the head of the Lanjarón River, just where it is born, so it is also known as the “Lanjarón Lagoon”.

Practicable season

All year round, depending on the activity you want to perform.

Outstanding values

Those related to the interpretation of the glacier landscape, since there are remains of the most characteristic elements in this one. It also shares the values of the high mountain, with the presence of specific fauna and flora, among which it is worth highlighting the great number of floristic endemism’s of these summits, and of course the always attractive and frequent presence of the mountain goat.