Laguna de Nájera

Laguna de Nájera

It occupies a large flat bucket that gradually becomes sloped towards its eastern end, looking for the valley of the river. Here you can see morroenic deposits and small glacial cirques like this, transformed in post-glacial periods in lagoons.


In the northern third of the municipality, the west slope of the Lanjarón River. Specifically we see it on a landing Northof Tajo de los Machos.

Practicable season

All year round, although depending on the activity to be carried out, one or the other season will be chosen.

Outstanding values

These are susceptible to being exploited in relation to the interpretation of the glacial landscape since remains of the most characteristic elements of this appear. It also shares the values of the high mountain, with the presence of specific fauna and flora, among which it is worth highlighting a large number of floristic endemism of these summits and of course the frequent presence of the mountain goat.