Laguna del lavadero de la Reina

Laguna del lavadero de la Reina

Small ledge flattened at the feet of the three peaks mentioned above, in which we see a not very large lagoon of shallow waters. It is a place that looks out over the river from its eastern end dominating a large visual basin toward its valley and the hill of Cáñar.


At the northern end of the municipality, the west slope of the Lanjarón River. Itislocatedonthelandingbetween Cerro del Caballo, (3009 mts.), Los Tajas del Cortadero (2863 mts.), and El Tajo de los Machos (2865 mts.)

Practicable season

All year, depending on the activity to be carried out.

Outstanding values

Those who are interested in the interpretation of the glacier landscape, since there are remains of the most characteristic elements associated with them. It also shares the values of the high mountain, with the presence of specific fauna and flora, among which it is worth highlighting a large number of floristic endemism of these summits and of course the spectacular and frequent presence of the mountain goats.