Project Description

Museum of Lanjarón

Museum of Lanjarón

Water Museum

The Water Museum is an archaeological recovery project of an ancient Water Mill, inspired by the Alhambra.
Exhibition spaces have been carefully arranged. In order to contrast the walls of the mill, backed panels frame the sites of the new intervention.
In the oldest space, a glass with projections on its surface emerges from the soil flooded with water from the irrigation canal, creating a set of reflections on the old walls of the mill.

Honey Museum

The Honey Museum is a Beekeeping Interpretation Centre for the Conservation of Biodiversity, located within the Sierra Nevada Natural Park. The aim is to create a space open to the public with the aim of spreading the history of beekeeping, bee biology and hive products.
The museum exhibits beehives, some of the time of the Arabs, and a wax mil from seventeenth-century Zamora, equipped with an oak and chestnut press and a boiler, whose weight is 16,000 kg. It is the only museum that exists in Spain with these characteristics.