Travertine’s of the river of the valley

Travertine’s of the river of the valley

A South-facing thick wall that rises on the terraces of today by the almost abandoned fruit and olive trees, in the shade created by the canyon of the river in its path in front of the “Tajo Colorado”.


They can be found to the South of the village, going down the path of “La Suerte”, which runs toward the river, and therefore on the right bank of the river. These formations appear in the form of large rocky walls. However, they are part of a larger border on which the village is partly settled.

Practicable season

All year round

Outstanding values

Appreciable landscape interests as it is a rock that presents itself with curious forms.t is a type of post-orogenic rock, of sedimentary origin, carbonated chemical nature and yellowish colour, perhaps due to the impurities of iron ore that outcrops in the vicinity. It is related to the water that makes up the karstic landscape.