Crafts & Gastronomy

Crafts & Gastronomy

Lanjarón is known for its waters and its rich gastronomy, however, in the municipality you can find master craftsmen experts in the use of wicker and other vegetable fibres for the manufacture of all kinds of utensils or daily use, as well as decorative elements (baskets and baskets, armchairs, vases to collect mineral-medicinal water, beds, bedside tables, trunks, cannons, Christmas trees, magazine racks, etc.).
The wicker is obtained from a shrub that belongs to the Willow family and woven to create different products was traditionally obtained from the shrubs that grew in the vicinity of the Lanjarón River.
These craftsmen can still be found today presenting their works on the street where you can buy them or simply observe the artisan’s ability to manufacture these unique pieces.


Typical products

Meat: Among the most consumed meat products are pork and goat. The production of products made from pork has been taking place for hundreds of years, which has allowed its flavour to be improved day by day, reaching unbeatable qualities.

Vegetables and garden products: The privileged climate of Lanjarón makes it possible to grow a wide variety of horticultural products. Among the most characteristic are beans, cabbage, green beans, tomatoes, peppers, fennel and pumpkin.

Fruits: Olives stand out, from which high-quality oil is extracted thanks to the natural elaboration and the goodness of the water with which these olive trees are supplied. We also find very appetizing nuts such as chestnuts, walnuts and almonds, which are also used in some of the more traditional dishes.

Cheese and Honey: Cheese is the dairy product par excellence in Lanjarón and the region in general. In the municipality, cheeses are still being made in an artisanal and ecological way. The same is true of honey, whose flavour; colour and smell are even more special thanks to the variety of flora present in Lanjarón.

Typical Dishes

Taking advantage of the great wealth of products that Lanjarón possesses, its people have elaborated special dishes where many of them come together and whose origin goes back hundreds of years. The Migas,potage, stews as well as the combination dishes such as the Alpujarreño dish or cooked baby goat with garlic among other dishes. All of them are prepared by a combination different from typical products of the area.
For dessert lovers, Lanjarón is your destination. The combination of products used reminds us of the Moorish past of Lanjarón, finding sweets made with honey, almonds, pine nuts, walnuts, lemon and cinnamon. Desserts such as fritters, rosettes, flakey fig bread, casserole, quinces, quince compote or honey bars, are consumed by both neighbours and visitors, especially on special occasions such as Easter and for the several pilgrimages. We would like to highlight the Jayullos, whose recipe has been collected and recognized by the Andalusian Academy of Gastronomy and Tourism for their richness and uniqueness.

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