History of Lanjarón

History of Lanjarón

Discover Lanjarón… from its History

Lanjarón is a city with history; its existing vestiges in its castle are markedly Arabic. It appears clearly in history under the dynasty of the Alhamares, around 1.231.

Historians such as Ginés Pérez de Hita and Diego Hurtado de Mendoza believe that it was during the 10th century that two Mahometan tribes arrived in Lanjarón, the tribes were led by two Moors Joraidan and Gil “El Barbari”, which led to demographic growth and an improvement of existing structures: boost of agriculture and livestock, new irrigation system, flour mills, baker ovens, lime and plasterwork, spreading industry and silk were created, thus starting an economic take-off of the area. Granada surrendered to the power of the Catholic Kings in 1.492, however, Lanjarón persevered until the 7th of March 1.493, when she was forced into submission.

They say that when the defence of the castle weakened, the brave captain threw himself from a tower into the void rather than surrender.

In 1.568 the rebellion of the Moors began and proclaimed King to D. Hernando of Córdoba and Valor of the lineage of the Umeyas, who was named AbénHumeya.

In 1,570, after the expulsion of the Moors, it was proposed to repopulate these lands with people from other places.
During the War of Independence, the inhabitants of Lanjarón stood out for their heroic defence against the French, receiving since then the nickname of “Gunmen”(Cañoneros) because they used an old mortar to defend themselves.

After the Civil War, Lanjarón suffered a loss of population due to emigration although nowadays Lanjarón has seen some growth due to foreigners settling in local cortijos and neighbourhoods.

Basic Data and Location

Lanjarón is a municipality located in the province of Granada, Andalusia, Spain. It is located in the western part of the AlpujarraGranadina, about 49 km from the provincial capital, in the southeast of Spain. It borders the municipalities of Dílar, Capileira, Bubión, Cáñar, Órgiva, El Pinar, Lecrín, Nigüelas and Dúrcal.

  • PROVINCE: Granada

  • REGION: Alpujarra and Valle de Lecrín



  • SIZE (km2): 60,38

  • Nº OF INHABITANTS: 3.908 hab. (INE 2008)

  • POPULATION DENSITY: 64,72 hab./km²

  • GENTILIC: Lanjaronenses o Cañoneros

  • PCD: 18420

How to access Lanjarón?

Western Access

The main one, which allows access from the provincial capital, Granada or the Costa del Sol. Can be achieved via the A-44 (also called E-902) in which at kilometre 164 links to the A-348 and where Lanjarón starts at kilometre 6.

Eastern Access

Coming from the AlpujarraGranadina, there´s no chance of getting lost because the A-348 which crosses the previously mentioned region passes through Lanjarón no doubt you will stumble upon the village.