The Orchard of Chestnuts of the Nuns

The Orchard of Chestnuts of the Nuns

It is part of a larger chestnut mass that with different coating levels are located around the river margins. In this place, the chestnut trees develop between 900 and 950 meters tall. They extend on a slope toward the river, on a silicic substrate with an outcrop of micaschists. Associated with them we can also find different kinds of shrubs.


We find it in the north of the municipality, and occupying the west slope of the river ravine, (right bank). Inside it houses the recreational area “Huerta de lasMonjas”.

Practicable season

All year round, although especially recommended before the chestnut trees get rid of their leaves.

Outstanding values

It is a species of undeniable landscape, ecological, and also ethnological value, which covers a multitude of animal species, among which the badger or wild boar stand out, ornithofauna with blackbirds, oropendolas etc… It also highlights the undergrowth of ferns and ombrophyll plants related to chestnuts, as well as the aquaculture ecosystem in which it is easy to see the common trout.