Viewpoints of Lanjarón

Viewpoints of Lanjarón

The viewpoints of Lanjarón will allow you to enjoy our privileged views and landscapes, within the Natural Park of the Sierra Nevada.

The Cannon Viewpoint owes its name to the artillery piece located there that dates back to the war of independence. From here you can enjoy the breathtaking views, as you can see the Arab Castle, the Lanjarón River and the mountains that surround the town.

The Viewpoint of the Heroes is located next to the Cannon Viewpoint and its name is a tribute to the lives of the exemplary locals of the municipality. From here, we can see the famous “Doorway of the Alpujarra” located at the entrance of Lanjarón, which refers to the location of Lanjarón as the gateway to the region of La Alpujarra.

From the Castles Viewpoint, we can enjoy the views that the Arab Castle or as is popularly known the “Castle of the Moors” provides, as well as views of the famous “Tajo Colorao”.

The Visillo Viewpoint is situated in a spectacular location for nature lovers. It offers another perspective since from this you can see the entire municipality as well as the valley of the Lanjarón River, the fields and surrounding areas and the slopes of the Sierra Nevada.

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